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Prompt: (based on a dream I had last night) Miranda committed a crime before escaping to New York and success. (In the dream she had killed a man who attacked her in the shower) she was never caught but years later she and Andrea come home to find that someone has found out and is using it to blackmail her (in the dream they had turned every shower in the townhouse into the crime scene with a red lipstick) can Andrea forgive her wife for keeping this from her and help her deal with it?


crazybecat asked:

Prompt up for grabs: What happens when Emily discovers the crush that Andy has on Miranda? With help from Nigel, they suck in their fear and slowly push to get the two together, in order to fix two wounded hearts and scarred souls. They have to be careful, in order to not be found out.... Will their troubles be all for naught? Or will they succeed in bringing love back into the lives of two sad, lonely women?


Miranda paused as if wondering exactly how to phrase the next part, ‘it seems I have a heart condition…’ she admitted quietly.

519: Matters of the Heart by CurvyPragmatist [ffn | k+ | 5]

When Miranda doesn’t show up to work, it’s decided Andrea needs to go to the town house and find out what’s going on. What she learns connects her to Miranda in the most interesting ways.