Anonymous asked:

no, i think it was a stand alone fic. i think miranda looked up a bunch of stuff on the internet so that she could give andy a great orgasm or something?

Well then… I gonna hafta go with, “Either I have not read it yet or I don’t remember enough of it to identify it.”
But worry not, xvnot15 is on the case, *\(^o^)/*!

Anonymous asked:

hey i'm trying to find this fic where mirandy have been together for a while but whenever they have sex andy takes control of her own orgasm and miranda feels self conscious but it turns out it's because andy can squirt or something ??? do you have any memory of that? it ends with miranda being like okay now i wanna try all these other positions.

Um, are you talking about Slow Dancing by grrriliketigers?

UPDATE: Thank you whendoiturnbackintoapumpkin, the fic is Hidden Talents by chilly_flame.